A Place for Complete Neuro Solution

Aarya Hospital of Neurosurgical and Allied Sciences is a dream of Dr. Pankaj Raj Nepal and his team to provide highly advanced, safe treatment to the people suffering from neurological, neurosurgical diseases and its allied fields in a affordable rate without compromising in its treatment quality,

Dr. Pankaj Raj Nepal believes in saving the brain by saving the time to treatment so that most of the people with emergency neurological disease like stroke, head injury, hydrocephalus, spine injury, tumors will be benefitted. Keeping in mind with the highest priority of patients satisfaction, the hospital has been designed in such a way that both the patient and the family members seems to be highly satisfied during the treatment course.  With its high-tech equipment and machineries along with the dedicated team, the services in this hospital is comparable with the best neuro centers around the world.