Dr. Sumal

Dr. Sumal Thapa

Consultant Anesthesiologist

Dr. Sumal Thapa, has completed his graduation from University of Science and Technology Chittagong, Bangladesh on 2004 and completed his post graduation training in Anesthesiology on 2016. He has worked as an faculty member in Department of Anesthesiology at B and C Medical College for four years. During his working period, he has gained a lot of experience on diversified types of anesthesia in Neurosurgical, Orthopedics, Maxillofacial, Gyenecological, Genera surgical, and ENT cases. 

He also has expertise in handling ultrasound guided Nerve blocks, vascular interventions and critical care management. 

His experience in managing neuro- anesthesia, and neuro- critical care is extremely helpful for our hospital. 

After leaving B and C hospital he has worked as a head of department of Anesthesia on Saptarishi Hospital, Lahan, for about a year period. He is academically sound and loves by the juniors for his teachings. 

He is currently working as an full time Anesthesiologist in Aarya Hospital of Nurosurgical and Allied Sciences.