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Dr. Pankaj Raj Nepal

FCPS, Consultant Neurosurgeon, and Managing Director 

Dr. Pankaj Raj Nepal has started his neurosurgical carrier at National Institute of Neurosurgical and Allied Sciences (NINAS), Bansbari, Nepal under the supervision of Late. Prof. Upendra P. Devkota since 2013. He completed his Neurosurgical training and started his job in the same institute on 2016 as a consultant. During his carrier as a young neurosurgeon at NINAS he has experienced diverse neurosurgical cases. After a year of experience as a unit head in the same institute, he moved to B and C Hospital, Birtamode as a head of department and Deputy Medical Director. 

He worked in B and C Hospital, for about four years and had served huge number of patients there for varieties of cases like head injuries, spine injuries, brain tumors, aneurysms, Atriovenous malformations, hydrocephalus, and so on. 

He also seems to be very keen in the academic activities, he is a founder and chief of editor of the journal ” Easterngreen Neurosurgery”, and General Secretory of the journal “Journal of Brain and spine Foundation Nepal”, and editors in various other national and international journals. He has more then 30 publications in the various national and international journals 

In 2021, Dr. Pankaj has brought the new vision and mission to the society with a concept of smart neuro- centre in Biratnagar, his home town, as an ” Aarya Hospital of Neurosurgical and Allied Science” it is  is running in full function since December 2021. Since, then he is been giving his full time to the hospital and had successfully operated on  several neurosurgical cases including traumatic brain injury, brain tumors, aneuyrsms, avms, Spinal cord injuries, spinal tumors and so on. 


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